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Daisy Turner On Trial, 2011



Unlike Artemus, she accepts herself (and all she worked for) with pride and enthusiasm. It’s giving herself over to love and trust that she struggles with. Daisy’s credence for self-fulfillment and success won’t be sacrificed for the life she could make with Lucky, and its this antagonism that turns ever more spiteful and destructive to herself and those she loves.


An Upper East Side socialite, Daisy Turner began to curate shows of the artist of her social circles in high school (such as her half-brother Cassius, her boyfriend Lucky Daniels and his collaborators) and dreams to run her own museum.  Daisy may have been born into wealth, but every dollar she spends she earned herself, and she’ll make sure you are aware of that. This Sagittarian puts work first as she has it define her independence.

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