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Overture, 2023

The Front, New Orleans

Originally an Overture is the music that plays before a ballet or opera. Often including elements to be heard throughout the production. Such as I describe the artwork included in this exhibition: Selected compositions across my portrait practice. 

When I look at the history of portraiture, I find certain empowerment and sincerities carried throughout its longevity. Within my own work, the studio has provided a space for self reflection and direct expression. Finding awareness in my grief, insecurities, and unmet desires, allowing me to carve out imagery of myself which can conjure understanding, compassion, and self confidence.

In giving space to these feelings, I’ve become better at communicating them with others. Bringing opportunities to create an exchange of ideas and comfort with the people I photograph. I began to collage, reshape, and sculpt portraits as a way to ruminate on the relationship we have with our own image. Every fold of fabric shifts our perspective like a heightened emotion obscuring our reality. The pang of relatability opens us up to reflect on our own humanity. Nurturing a belief that a portrait ought to bring you closer to yourself. 

Image 4-17-23 at 8.28 PM.jpg
Image 4-17-23 at 8.32 PM.jpg
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