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​Winny & The Waltz , 2012


From the day She was born, Julia Winry Wildrye has been on a journey striving for truth and love. Her Father was a romantic. Very smart and cyncial and questioned everything. She wanted to apply this outlook from a nonchalant and comedic point of view. 


Known mostly as Winny. She was born and raised on a dairy farm in Texas, spending most of her childhood reinacting her favorite stories for Cows and pigs. She showed much independence, nerve, and a craving to emerse herself in new experiences. 


The Spring she turned 18 she went to find herself on the west coast. With aspirations to be a comedian she finds herself in the company of  Cassius Turner and his small band of radical artist; among them being the adolescent Artemus Wall, and Cassius’ magnetic sister, Daisy. 


When her father passes, she immediately separates herself from Daisy and Artemus, (during a time her reliance is needed the most) and as a repercussion lets her grieving change their dynamics. Exhausted by her suspicions, she vigorously seeks unyielding honesty in those she loves.


​The Title is coined from the German word Weltanschauung, meaning world perspective. 





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